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Dianic Wicca website for women practicing the Dianic tradition of wicca as per the teachings of Z Budapest.

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Politics of Women's Religion
Manifesto of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One

Dianic Wicca Clergy Priestess Training

It is the goal of the Women’s Spirituality Forum to provide our members with herstorical and philosophical foundations of the Dianic Tradition; including ritual and spiritual practices from which to provide Clergy Priestess services to the public.

Dianic Tradition is an ancient Goddess and woman-centered, Earth-based, feminist denomination of Wiccan religion. We are a teaching tradition.

In the Dianic Tradition, clergy are required to complete course work that enriches their understanding of the sacred feminine Craft through cognitive and practical hands-on experiences to use in their roles as clergy priestesses to the Goddess and Her women.

Click here if you're interested in learning more about our women-only Dianic Wicca Clergy Priestess training program.

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Goddess Festival 2010 ~ get more information for joining Z Budapest for a weekend intensive of Goddess rituals and women's spirituality events.

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Tarot Social - Z Budapest is teaching live and in person, her famous tarot social events. What is a TAROT SOCIAL? It is a joyful coming-together of the Womenís Tarot community ... a revival of the 70ís traveling magic show by the foremother of Goddess Spirituality, the QUEEN of TAROT READINGS, and the woman responsible for LEGALIZING TAROT in California. Learn more about Z's wicked fun and highly entertaining Tarot Social here. Want to sponsor a Tarot Social tarot reading in your home or community, just click here for more information.


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